Museum of Communication, Bern

5 min.
from Bern Airport

The Museum of Communication is unique in that it is the only museum in Switzerland that focuses solely on the subject of communication. Also, its contents are put across to its visitors in an unusually light-hearted manner using interactive and playful elements.

Natural History Museum, Bern

5 min.
from Bern Airport

Bern’s Natural History Museum is one of the best renowned in Switzerland. Its historic dioramas exhibitions of native and exotic animals are unique in Central Europe and form the basis of the institution’s international reputation. Bern’s oldest museum has made a name for itself in recent years by holding attractive thematic exhibitions such as «c’est la vie», a fascinating exploration of life and death.

Open-air Museum, Ballenberg

50 min.
from Bern Airport

At the Ballenberg Open Air Museum, Switzerland is just as it once was. 100 original, century-old buildings from all over Switzerland, original gardens and fields, demonstrations of traditional handicrafts, lots of special events, and 250 farmyard animals recreate a vivid impression of the past in rural Ballenberg.

Pavillon Gurten, Bern

20 min.
from Bern Airport

avillon - Come up to see the latest chapter in Gurten history. A unique new building in a setting with a truly breathtaking view! The Pavillon frees the Gurten from seasonal restraints, allowing you to hold your conference, celebration or company party at any time throughout the year.

Sensorium, RĂĽttihubelbad

25 min.
from Bern Airport

The “sense-ible” experience excursion for the entire family! The sensorium in Rüttihubelbad is all about activating sensory perceptions. At 70 experience stations, visitors perform actions to hear, see, smell and taste both the familiar and the unfamiliar.

Spooky Berne centre

10 min.
from Bern Airport

Do you like spooky tales? Then we have something for you.

In the oldtown of Berne you will find medieval and historical buildings made of sandstone. There is one special building, Junkerngasse 54, which is know as spooky house. Join the guided tour through beautiful Berne and listen to spooky tales. Let yourself be inspired.

St. Beatus Caves,

40 min.
from Bern Airport

High above Lake Thun lie the limestone caves of St. Beatus: a marvel of nature millions of years old that never ceases to astonish its visitors.

Approximate travel time by car.